Interkulturelles Musikforum Sachsen

Project idea:

There is no disputing the fact that the diversity of the various musical traditions and their transformations in the context of migration, among others, represents an enormous store of cultural richness in Germany. In this respect Saxony is no exception: Key personalities in the history of music in Saxony have profited from foreign influences, and the musical culture of Saxony has in turn coloured the artists who have come from abroad. The process of mutual intermingling, appropriation and transformation is centuries old. Through the spurts in immigration since 1990 and the current influx of refugees it is experiencing a new level of intensity and a strong impetus.

But even if music isn't one universal language, but rather speaks many different "dialects", it still provides an almost perfect opportunity to connect people from different countries, regardless of their cultural and religious backgrounds. Music makes it possible to work in a culturally-integrative and age-independent way, as does hardly any other medium there is.

Before the mutual respect, appreciation and the resulting transformation can occur, however, a perception of one another is necessary. It is the prerequisite for a successful integration of the diversity which is a byproduct of the dialogue of cultures.  Perceiving one another and a mutual exchange, however, are not a matter of course. Many established institutions in the musical education or practice fields either have no intercultural programmes on offer yet or face difficulties in accounting for the migrant groups living in Saxony in their concepts and including them in their work.

Based on this analysis a project idea has been developed which is intended to encourage an intercultural dialogue and exchange among the musicians and music educators of various cultures living in Saxony as well as the music institutions, in order to support their artistic and educational work and make it accessible for new target groups. The aim of the model project is to help stimulate music-education communication processes in the intercultural area, and support cultural education institutions in their intercultural opening and reorientation, thus providing sustained support for the integration of diversity in our society.


  • An encounter and a technical and musical exchange between native and immigrant musicians and music educators
  • To experience and identify different cultural and musical areas
  • Explore new paths and methods of intercultural practice and communication of music
  • Expand the horizons of knowledge, experience, and practice of both native as well as immigrant musicians
  • Demonstrate and implement specific intercultural projects in various institutions of cultural education

Project content:                                                               

  • Network: Record, catalogue and provide mutual accessibility to actors, institutions and projects with an intercultural approach; publication on the "Saxony Intercultural Music Forum" web site.
  • Exchange and transfer: Specific work of the project participants, broken down into the modules music education, music put into practice, and music communication, in the form of workshops and seminars, etc.
  • Conceive and implement projects: Based on the experiences and suggestions in the "Exchange and transfer" project area and with the help of the tools produced in the "Network" project area, interested project participants are to develop their own project ideas and put them into practice

Target groups:

  • Musicians and music educators with a migration background – representatives from the various cultures living in Saxony
  • Music educators, musicians and music communicators at established cultural institutions; music students in all fields
  • Institutions of the Saxon music scene, ensembles, music academies, universities, church congregations and event organisers